George Ernest Barton

Barton, George Ernest, second counselor in the Park City Bishopric, was born Oct. 7, 1871, at Kaysville, Davis county, Utah, the son of John Barton and Sarah Flint. He was baptized Aug. 15, 1880, by Wm. Blood, at Kaysville, and ordained a Deacon Feb. 24, 1884; subsequently he was ordained a Teacher and still later a Priest. He was ordained an Elder Feb. 11, 1894, by Thomas F. Rouche; ordained a Seventy April 28, 1897, by George Reynolds, and ordained a High Priest and set apart as second counselor in the Park City Bishopric April 12, 1903, by Thomas L. Allen. Prior to his last ordination he acted as president of a Deacons quorum, was secretary of the 55th quorum of Seventy, labored as a Ward teacher, Sunday school teacher, and secretary of Y. M. I. A, (at Kaysville), and was president of the Y. M. M. I. A. and Sunday school teacher (at Park City). In 1897�1899 he filled a mission to the Northern States, laboring principally in Indiana, a part of the time as president of the Indiana conference. In 1900 (June 14th) he married Emily Maud Barnes, daughter of John R. Barnes and Emily Stewart, of Kaysville. Elder Barton is a merchant and undertaker in Park City and has served in several civil offices; in Kaysville he acted as city recorder. He changed his residence from Kaysville to Park City in 1902.

Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia
Volume 2