Bertha Barton, born February 23, 1855, at St. Helens, Lancashire, England, came to Utah with her parents, John and Elizabeth Bell Barton and other members of her family October 5, 1862.  She married William Irvine and moved to Portland, Oregon, where she spent the remainder of her life.  We don't have any record or account of her life or activities after marriage.  She made one trip to Utah, about 1910, where she made a short visit with the family of Peter Barton.  She mentioned two boys, one named George.  A son Charles W. is listed in the 1910 census living in Washington County, Oregon as 26 years old and born in California. Bertha died September 7, 1926.



  1. Charles W. b. ~ 1884 in California m. Pearl E.

  2. George Graham  b. ~ 1888 in Oregon m. Edna M 31 Jul 1913

    1. Margaret E.

    2. George G. Jr

ID Number  254034
Grooms First Name  William
Grooms Last Name  IRVINE
Grooms Residence  
Brides First Name  Bertha
Brides Last Name  BARTON
Brides Residence  
County of Record  Salt Lake Co., Utah
Place of Marriage  Salt Lake City
Date of Marriage  17 Aug 1875
Comment  Source: Journals of Judge Elias Smith