Joseph Barton

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah

Married Mary Ann Allen April 5, 1869, Salt Lake City (daughter of Robert Allen and Leah Harmon, of Salt Lake City; former a pioneer Sept. 1866). She was born Nov. 30, 1852. Their children: May A.; Charles Harmon, m. Millicent Nelson; Clarence Elmer, m. Beatrice Vera; Hattie Josephine; Edna Maud; Roy Allen, m. Minerva Armstrong. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

One of the Presidents of the 143d quorum seventies; president 3d quorum elders' of Davis stake several years. County surveyor 21 years; county clerk 14 years; county engineer six years; prosecuting attorney eight Years; Kaysville city recorder eight years; city councilman two years; member Utah legislature three terms 1884-86-90; member 1st board of trustees, and 1st superintendent of territorial reform school. Civil engineer; superintendent Sumpter Valley railway.        


m. Mary Ann Allen

  1. May A.
  2. Charles Harmon
  3. Clarence Elmer b. ~1878
  4. Hattie Josephine
  5. Edna Maud
  6. Roy Allen b.1888

m. Margaret (Hattie) E.



Joseph Barton was born July 25, 1848, at St. Helens, Lancashire, England, the sixth boy of a family of seven boys and one girl, born to John and Elizabeth Bell Barton.  He came to America with his parents, two brothers, Peter and Hyrum and a younger sister, Bertha, in 1862.  The family crossed the plains with the Ansell P. Harmon's Ox Train Company, arriving at Salt Lake City, October 5, 1862.  They moved to Kaysville in the autumn of that year and joined the four older brothers, William, James, John and Isaac who had preceded them two years earlier. 

Joseph taught school in Kaysville as a young man and was active in all social, public and Church affairs.  He had an alert mind and a pleasing personality and was very industrious.  He was President of the 143rd Quorum of Seventies.  He was also County surveyor 21 years and County Engineer, 6 years, during which time he laid out the streets of Kaysville and many of the section lines and roads of Davis County.  He was County Clerk 14 years, Prosecuting Attorney, 8 years, City Recorder, 8 years, City Councilman, 2 years, Utah Legislature, three terms, Member first board of Trustees and Supt. Territorial Reform School.  He was also active in Dramatics and organized the first Brass Band in Kaysville.              

On April 5, 1869, he married Mary Ann Allen, daughter of Robert Allen and Leah Harmon of Salt Lake.  She was born November 30, 1852.  Their children were May A; Charles Harmon, married Millicent Nelson; Clarence Elmer, married Beatrice Vera, Hattie Josephine;  Edna Maud; and Roy Allen, married Minerva Armstrong 7 June 1912

Mary Ann Allen died 16 April 1893 and is buried in the Kaysville City Cemetery.

Joseph later became associated with David Eccles of Ogden, a prominent financier and industrialist and managed some of his enterprises.  He later moved his family to Baker City in Eastern Oregon and acted as general superintendent of Mr. Eccles Lumber and other interests in that area, including the Sumter Valley Railroad, a branch of the Oregon Short Line.

Prior to moving to Baker, Oregon Joseph married Margaret (Hattie) E.

He had a fine physique and in later years had beautiful snow white hair and unblemished complexion, and when nearing eighty years had the appearance of a much younger man.  On his occasional visits to Kaysville many relatives and acquaintances would gather to greet him and were eager to listen and hear of his experiences and accomplishments.  His last visit was during the summer of 1927 and all remaining members of the family gathered at the home of Albert B. Barton in Kaysville to share his visit.  He was the last of the seven sons of John and Elizabeth Bell Barton to pass on to Eternity.  He died December 7, 1932.